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Cuisine Noir Magazine’s Wanda Hennig mentions African Dinner in this article.

African Dinner visits Azama Grill in Allston, Massachusetts

Osama El Naggar

Osama El Naggar, Owner & Chef

African Dinner’s Kenneth Yarbrough this month visited Azama Grill, an Egyptian/Middle Eastern Restaurant at 54 Harvard Avenue, in Allston, Massachusetts. The restaurant’s unique Halal Cuisine is derived from nearly 100 years of secret family recipes.

I ordered and devoured Azama Grill’s Mix Grill Plate with Three (Beef, Lamb, and Chicken) Skewers all made from the Azama family’s secret recipes. The lean beef was prepared with chopped onions, bulgur wheat, parsley and skewer charbroiled; the lean lamb cubes were marinated, seasoned, and skewer charbroiled with onions and green peppers; and the chicken breast cubes were skewer charbroiled with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. The superb meal was served with Rice Pilaf, Tahini Sauce, and Egyptian Salad.

For beverage, I sipped on hot Egyptian Tea, a unique blend of Darjeeling Assam, Ceylon Teas and fresh mint. For dessert, I consumed Azama Grill’s mouthwatering Cashew Fingers (flaky phillo dough rolled around crushed cashews baked to golden brown and topped with honey).

Azama Grill’s Mix Grill Plate

Azama Grill’s delicious Mix Grill Plate

The restaurant’s owner and chef, Osama El Naggar, launched the restaurant three years ago at the urging of his friends who were familiar with his love of the food industry. Naggar, whose family owns five restaurants in Cairo, Egypt, is founder and manager of a successful Syrian bread company in Worcester, Massachusetts that services most of the Middle Eastern restaurants in New England. Naggar has also owned three stores in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall.

Azama Grill presents nine Shawarma and Kabob plates, seven Shawarma and Kabob Rollups, seven Vegetarian Plates, and six Vegetarian Rollups. The restaurant also offers five desserts, all made from secret family recipes, including their famous Cashew Fingers.

Azama Grill is open nightly until 2:00 a.m. and offers free delivery. Call 617 779-0003 or 617 779-0006.

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African Dinner – by Kenneth Yarbrough
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