African Dinner welcomes Kola Restaurant & Ultra Lounge located in the heart of Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, 32523 Northwestern Hwy, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.
  Kola, derived from Africa’s Kola Nut, is a full service restaurant and lounge, providing authentic West African and Caribbean Cuisine with live entertainment, particularly jazz, reggae, neo-soul, poetry, and comedy.

Buka New York – Nigerian Cuisine, 946 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York

Restaurateur Lookman Mashood owns Buka New York in Brooklyn, New York.
Restaurateur Lookman Mashood owns Buka New York in Brooklyn, New York.

I enjoyed authentically prepared Nigerian Cuisine at Buka New York, an authentic Nigerian Restaurant at 946 Fulton Street in the Clinton Hills area of Brooklyn, New York, which opened in 2010.

Owner, Lookman Mashood, said Buka’s menu is comprised of the best dishes from three regions in Nigeria.

“The food you eat here is the same food you’re going to eat in Logos, Nigeria,” he said.
Mashood grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, the country’s most populous city of nearly 8 million people. He came to the United States in 1986.Buka offers Nigeria’s most popular dishes, including spicy, tomato-based stews with goat, beef, chicken, tilapia, red snapper, panla (dried Norwegian stock fish), and Igbin (large West African land snails). Plates include Asaro, Suya steak, grilled Tiger Shrimp, grilled Red Snapper, grilled Tilapia, Oha soup, bitter leaf soup, yam and eggs, Buka sauce and Tuwo.

Buka also offers dozens of Gluten-free, vegetarian dishes on its menu, including Fufu made from fresh white yam, fermented ground cassava or dried yam flour. Sauces include Efo, Okra, Egusi, Palava, Ogbono and Gbegiri.

The warm and cozy restaurant features a full bar with seven stools, a dinning room with 55 seats, stylish brick walls decorated with eye-catching oil paintings, and tall book shelves packed with books concerning African culture.

Buka is handicapped assessable and features live jazz and Afro-pop on the first Saturday of each month.
For more information about Buka, visit the restaurant’s website at or call (347) 763-0619.

Zoewee’s Restaurant – Liberian Cuisine, 4112 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina

Waiter Jorge Million serves Liberian Cuisine.
Waiter Jorge Million serves Liberian Cuisine.

I enjoyed delicious and authentic Liberian cuisine at Zoewee’s Restaurant, 4112 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. Zoewee’s menu, which consists of Liberia’s most popular dishes, includes Bitter Leaf, Collard Greens, Torgborgee, Cassava Leaf, Palaver Sauce, Fried Okra, and Okra Sauce.

Other well-liked dishes served include Fufu, Pepper Soup, Rice & Beans, Fried Plantain, Corn Beef Rice, Fried Fish (Croaker), and Jolluf Rice with Smoked Turkey/Chicken.

I tasted yummy Potato Greens/Leaf with Red Oil and Smoked Chicken served with Rice, along with a tall glass of cold Ginger Beer. Zoewee’s original hot sauce, made of the world’s hottest chili pepper, Ghost Pepper aka Naga Jolokia, was invigorating.

Established five years ago, Zoewee’s, tucked within the Tryon Plaza strip mall, serves Liberian cuisine Mondays through Saturdays, 12:00 noon to 10:00pm. The restaurant offers an $8.00 early bird special on Mondays and Tuesdays, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and serves wine and imported and domestic beers.

The restaurant seats up to 68 people and offers take-out services.
Co-owner and manager, Ernest Harmon, said Zoewee’s derived its name from his original restaurant in Liberia that was named after its manager, Zoe. The restaurant was obliterated during Liberia’s 11-year civil war that ended in 2002.

For more information about Zoewee’s, call 704 509-5947.

Azama Grill – Egyptian/Middle Eastern Cuisine, 54 Harvard Avenue, Allston, Massachusett

Osama El Nagger is owner and chef at Azama Grill, 54 Harvard Avenue, in Allston, Massachusetts
Osama El Nagger is owner and chef at Azama Grill, 54 Harvard Avenue, in Allston, MA

I visited owner of Azama Grill, an Egyptian/Middle Eastern Restaurant at 54 Harvard Avenue, in Allston, Massachusetts. The restaurant’s unique Halal Cuisine is derived from nearly 100 years of secret family recipe.

I ordered and devoured Azama Grill’s Mix Grill Plate with Three (Beef, Lamb, and Chicken) Skewers all made from the Azama family’s secret recipes. The lean beef was prepared with chopped onions, bulgur wheat, parsley and skewer charbroiled; the lean lamb cubes were marinated, seasoned, and skewer charbroiled with onions and green peppers; and the chicken breast cubes were skewer charbroiled with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. The superb meal was served with Rice Pilaf, Tahini Sauce, and Egyptian Salad.

For beverage, I sipped on hot Egyptian Tea, a unique blend of Darjeeling Assam, Ceylon Teas and fresh mint. For dessert, I consumed Azama Grill’s mouthwatering Cashew Fingers (flaky phillo dough rolled around crushed cashews baked to golden brown and topped with honey).

The restaurant’s owner and chef, Osama El Naggar, launched the restaurant three years ago at the urging of his friends who were familiar with his love of the food industry. Naggar, whose family owns five restaurants in Cairo, Egypt, is founder and manager of a successful Syrian bread company in Worcester, Massachusetts that services most of the Middle Eastern restaurants in New England. Naggar has also owned three stores in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall.

Azama Grill presents nine Shawarma and Kabob plates, seven Shawarma and Kabob Rollups, seven Vegetarian Plates, and six Vegetarian Rollups. The restaurant also offers five desserts, all made from secret family recipes, including their famous Cashew Fingers.

Azama Grill is open nightly until 2:00 a.m. and offers free delivery. Call 617 779-0003 or 617 779-0006.

Tangierino Restaurant Casbah Lounge – Moroccan Cuisine, 83 Main Street Charlestown, MA

Actor and movie producer, Samad Naamad, is the owner and executive chef of Tangierino Restaurant Casbah Lounge, 83 Main Street, Charlestown, MA
Actor and movie producer, Samad Naamad, is the owner and executive chef of Tangierino Restaurant Casbah Lounge, 83 Main Street, Charlestown, MA

I experienced the authentic flavors of Morocco during a visit to Tangierino Restaurant & Casbah Lounge at 83 Main Street in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Once seated, my courteous and attentive waiter, Nick, methodically explained Tangierino’s menu, which includes six old world Moroccan dishes, six new world dishes, a chophouse selection of mouthwatering lamb and chops dishes, tasty prime aged beef dishes, a dozen appetizers, soups and salads, and more. We enjoyed a delicious side dish of Couscous Royal – braised lamb shank, spiced merquez over seven vegetables; along with two appetizers: Calamari Tagra – crispy calamari, parmesan cheese, harissa aloli and Moroccan marinated olives; and the Moroccan Fisherman Stew – shrimp, squid, white fish, and harissa-olives in a light tomato cilantro broth, along with sparkling water and yummy Moroccan mint tea.

The restaurant’s owner and executive chef, Samad Naamad, described Tangierino as more than just a restaurant. “It’s an experience,” he said, citing the restaurant’s beautiful atmosphere and its cultural diversity among staff and customers. Naamad described the many obstacles he encountered when he first launched the restaurant more than 10 years ago. Conquering those obstacles, he said, bestowed upon him the perseverance and self-confidence he needed to pursue his life-long passion of acting and producing movies. His first independent film, “Welcome to Hollywood,” was produced in 2005, and his second film and directorial debut, “Demon Shadow,” was produced in 2010.

Naamad, who is originally from Casablanca and Tangiers, Morocco, said he is preparing to open a second restaurant in Rhode Island, and eventually to pursue his movie production career full-time. “Pursue what you believe in,” he said.

A belly dancer named Anastasia presented me with a pleasurable dance as I dined on the delectable, authentic, Moroccan cuisine. (Belly dancers perform twice nightly every night of the week and are available for private shows, events, and dancing lessons).

Following dinner, my waiter provided me with an extensive tour of the award-winning restaurant, which included a hookah salon, a walk-in cigar humidor with 50-plus top brand cigars, and an air filtering system that creates a nearly smokeless environment. The restaurant also featured several flat screen televisions, exquisite imported Moroccan furniture, and an attractive mahogany bar furnished with wine, specialty bottled and draft beers, and an extensive assortment of liquor.

Tangierino, which is located just blocks away from the historic Bunker Hill monument and the U.S.S. Constitution, has received top awards from Zagot, Boston Globe, City Search, Where Magazine, Phantom Gourmet, Boston Magazine, AOL City Guide, and Improper Bostonian.

For more information about Tangierino Restaurant & Casbah Lounge, visit their website at or call 617 242-6009.

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